Who are we ?

Our firm has been specialised in designing and building hand-sampling devices for static bulk liquid for fifty years.

Through the years, we have developed our range of products allowing you to handily take any type of sample (average, spot or bottom etc.) easily, in any kind of static bulk liquid, whatever the viscosity may be (from alcohol and petrol to heavy fuel-oil or molasses). We believe them to be more effective than any other devices of the same type.

All our devices are compliant with ISO Standards 3170 (Petroleum products), and ISO 5555 (Animal and Vegetable oils), and the corresponding AFNOR Standards M07-001 and 60-280. They have all been approved by French Customs. Some of them have been approved outside France, such as the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, or have been recognised as conforming to MARPOL convention provisions.

They have already been supplied to all departments (oil-fleet, land-tanks and refineries) of the oil companies established in France. Also to many milk companies, fat and cattle food factories, wine-growers, surveyors, sugar refineries, chemical plants, paint factories, etc.

All our devices are simple, solid, dependable and can be used by any staff with no more than ten minutes training.

Our equipment can be divided into three categories :

– Devices for sampling as such : Average Sampling Gauge, One Level Sampling Gauge, Zone Sampler, Sludge Sampler, Drum Gauge, Weighted Sampling Cage and Tank Gauge, Wells Piezometrics Sampler.

– Monitoring devices : Visual Interface Probe and Gravity / Temperature Probe.

– Accessories : Remote Control Device for opening and shutting, Cable Reel, Bottom Sampling Device, Extension for use on pressurised tanks, V.I.P. Triggering Float, Carrying Case etc.

We can also provide you with all the Metrology material you may require, such as Thermometers, Hydrometers, Measuring Tapes, Water and Product Paste etc.