Weighted sampling case

This device is used for taking samples directly into the sampling receptacle (glass bottle, plastic flask, or metal box for hot substances such as asphalt). The receptacle is inserted into the case before sampling begins and thus remains perfectly clean throughout the sampling process. This technique also renders the subsequent decanting of the sample unnecessary

The sample is taken using a Simplified Remote Control device (CDS), activated by a trigger weight. For thicker liquids such as asphalt, a calibrated orifice is used instead of the CDS.

Like all our sampling devices, the weighted sampling case is fitted with the appropriate seals for the products being sampled in order to ensure perfect tightness and thus an optimum result.

Weight : 3 Kg.
H. : 320 mm.
Ø : 115 mm
Capacity : 700 gr bitumen or up to 1L of liquid
Material : Stainless steel 304L and AU4G
Seals : Viton®