This sampling device gives perfectly representative samples of the contents of horizontal tanks, such as those on tank-trucks.
The rod is supplied in several 1.20-m sections that can be connected together and taken apart to facilitate transport if sampling needs to be done on different sites.

While descending into the tank at a speed that declines as a function of the liquid’s viscosity, the rod takes regular samples of all the layers of liquid. The rod’s base closes upon contact with the tank bottom.
When lifted out of the tank the full length of the rod is dried off by its drying ring.
The sample is then removed by inserting the rod base into the sampling receptacle and turning the handle at the top to release the lower piston.
Like all our sampling devices, the sampling rod is fitted with the appropriate seals for the products being sampled in order to ensure perfect tightness and thus an optimum result.

Ø  : 28 mm
Material : Stainless steal 304L et AU4G
Seals : Viton® or Kalrez®