Visual interface probe

This device provides direct visual measurement of a 600 mm layer of liquid through a transparent tube graduated in millimeters.

  • Extremely practical for precisely determining the height of water lying at the bottom of a tank below the product. Since a sample column of liquid can be taken at any point inside the tank the interfaces can be visualized wherever they may be. 
  • Used with its triggering float, it can provide samples of the surface and the first 30 cm of a liquid, thus indicating the thickness of any supernatants.

Like all our sampling devices, the visual interface probe is fitted with the appropriate seals for the products being sampled in order to ensure perfect tightness and thus an optimum result.

Weight excluding accessories : 0,450 Kg.
H. : 640 mm.
Ø max : 48 mm
Material : Stainless steel 304L
Seals : Viton®